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10 Marketing Secrets to improve cashflow

1. Ensure you know your target market and potential customers within that market:
This is the number one way to have cost effective marketing.

2. Understand what problems your product or services solves for your customer:
Know your customers ”WHY” as Simon Sinek would say.

3. Keep your marketing regular:
Market in good times and bad. Marketing outcomes often take time.

4. Measure your marketing results:
Know where your customers are coming from

5. Keep a data base of your customers:
This can be one of your most valuable business assets. Keep it tidy and use it often it to reach out

6. Bundle your sales:
Provide offers that move stock more quickly – bundle products or services to increase sales value of each sale.

7. Answer every phone call:
Customers want communication.

8. Follow up on every enquiry:
45 percent of all enquiries are converted into a sale, so if you’re not achieving this You are not following up or calling to late

9. Value your current customers:
It takes up to 10% of your revenue to attract new customers than it does to sell to existing ones

10. Invest in online marketing:
You should have a ‘hook’ or ‘call to action’ for someone to contact your business.

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