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Change the game during Christmas.

I read my very first ‘wealth creation’ book, when I was in my early 20’s, by Noel Whittaker called Making Money Made Simple. I have lost track of how many financial literacy books; I have read since then.

There wasn’t room for books, when I packed to relocate to Malaysia, 18 months ago. Since then, I have gobbled up nine books, on the topic of wealth creation. Money had always been a contentious topic in our family when I grew up. We were a large (catholic) family of 8, on one income. Wealth creation was a long way out of my reach. But then I read Noel’s book.   This one book started a lifelong, life changing obsession for me.

Noel was from Brisbane, as was I.

I learnt that;

Compounding interest was a far more powerful tool, for wealth creation than I had ever imagined.

The vehicle to wealth creation (shares v property) was not as important, as the length of time you held a position.

Everything I needed to know, could be found in books.

If Noel could achieve this, in Brisbane, then so could I.

These days the ‘launch book’ into wealth creation seems to be The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape. Same stuff different author. Whatever works, to kick your journey off, will do just fine. One book will not change the game but may trigger the inspiration to begin.

Read everything, listen to podcasts subscribe to blogs, to stay in the game. Just stay in the game. Christmas is a good time to do so.

(15 years later I met up with Noel at the Brisbane Club. I was then working for company who specialized in financial literacy.) Thanks Noel. It’s been quite a ride from the Queen St Mall in Brisbane.

We work extremely hard in small and medium businesses. Make the money count.

Merry Christmas 2022.




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