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Fix this now, or you will never become a millionaire.

Why does one building company turn over 9 million dollars and another have a tax debt to the ATO, that will take years to pay off? There is only one reason but there are a million excuses.

Let’s talk about Mindset. ( I feel like I am the only person that hasn’t). The word ‘Mindset’ is being thrashed about constantly, by plenty of ‘wellbeing/ Success’ (sales) spruikers, looking to upsell a masterclass or app.

But there are some global gurus in this space.

Carol Dweck is a researcher at Stanford University.

Dweck is well known for her work on “the fixed mindset vs. the growth mindset.”

Brene Brown went ‘next level’ and made it an Infinite Mindset taking it mainstream. Then Simon Sinek coined the phrase, an ‘Infinite Game’. Now, a whole lot of imitators came along and regurgitated the lessons.

Here is the upshot:

Mindset is something you can cultivate, not merely something you’re born with, or born into.

You can become more creative, more intelligent, more athletic, more artistic, and you can also become more financially astute.

And the truth is, you don’t need a fancy or expensive app or masterclass.

So, what’s a financial mindset? A financial mindset is a predetermined set of beliefs about money. We all have them. Even if you can’t verbalize what they are, it’s still there unconsciously. They lead you to decisions about money, that impact your financial situation. It’s a relationship that can evolve over a lifetime.

Here are just some of the possible negative financial mindsets for you to watch out for:

· I don’t have enough money.

· I’ve avoided thinking about finances.

· I’m ignorant about all of this.

· I spend too much

Every family has its own financial mindset. What can be talked about, who should be in control, what money responsibilities are assigned to what gender, how important money is.

I didn’t grow up with wealthy parents.

I didn’t grow up with parents who discussed positive financial matters openly.

I didn’t have anyone to learn good financial habits from.

I enjoyed the challenge of reading about wealth creation and knew, from early on, that I wanted a different life. I was terrible at budgeting and loved clothes. Still do.

I spent years gobbling up financial books, to examine what the authors knew, that I didn’t. I qualified as a financial planner; (in case there was something new to be learned.)

At the same time, I worked fulltime and renovated properties. While my peers were driving fancy cars and wearing Prada, I was buying Dulux and wearing overalls.

Little by little, I realised that I was changing my inherited financial

mindset from ‘I cannot afford to live a life of financial freedom, because of my family and upbringing’


‘I aspire to financial freedom because anyone can’.

Then I began to invest.

I am not saying it was easy. During my journey, largely as a single mother, in the early days, I was chastised by doubters, for being ‘irresponsible’. In fact, I saw the outlook quite differently. I was terrified that I would end up with nothing to support my daughters’ education, dreams and future.

Everything you ever need to know about financial growth is in a book podcast or blog. I promise you don’t need a lot of money, or to be the best earner in the room. I wasn’t. Over the years I have met a lot of, poor white-collar employees and a lot of rich, admin assistants. Wealth creation has absolutely nothing to do with what you earn and everything to do with your Financial Mindset.

The very best thing you can do for your financial future, is check in on your financial mindset and ask yourself, if this is the thing that is holding you back.

Remember this; There is no excuse.

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