Bookkeeping for hospitality, restaurants, cafe, pub, hotel, bar and gaming businesses

Hospitality businesses

Owning a pub, club or hotel is a dream for many.  The reality can be different. It is a good idea to seek advice and mentoring, before even beginning the process.

You need to be on top of everything. More often than not, cashflow is a stress.  Balancing wages and cost of sales against income, is often the most difficult challenge.  No one day is ever the same, and if you haven’t got your bookkeeping & accounting under control, you will find that things start to unravel very quickly.

Bookkeeping for hospitality businesses is unique and specialised and it is ideal for busy owners to outsource this function, to a team of experts.

There are unique challenges in hospitality businesses such as, consolidating financial data from different sources and making sure invoices are paid on time. Obligations to full-time, part-time, casual and contractor staff must be met and managed within award rules, in order to stay out of hot water, with Fair Work.  Synching systems is critical.  Choosing appropriate systems to manage processe’s, important. Understanding ATO compliance requirements. 

A can of worms?  We are experts in this industry and can help you sort it out. Whether your business is a hotel in Parkdale, or a pub in Parkes, we have you covered.