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If you run a small business, here’s why your kids are lucky.

If you have kids and…

Exercise is part of your daily routine; it may not have occurred to you, that you are getting more out of your fitness …… than fitness.

If you tinker with the share market, your children are watching.

If you care about your financial future enough to buy an investment property, your children are watching.

If you return to study, post kids and achieve something great, they will take note.

If you find a vocation after children, before, or during and help to ‘Bring in the Bacon’…… again noted.

If you are an active and member of your community and volunteer at the local footy club. They’re watching.

If you want your children to be in well-adjusted adult relationships…. I am not a therapist, so better stop there.

If you run a small business and have children, you may not have realised you have the perfect breeding ground, for developing a future entrepreneur.

Running a business with kids, can be challenging. The dedication to a new business, can mean 12-hour days and missing school sporting events. Taking leave costs much more that you can sometimes commit to. There will be moments of regret, like when you must sack an employee for drugs and theft. (that is a true story)


A small business, run well, can bring many rewards. In time, you will dance to your own rhythm. You will have job security. You will work in a location of your choice. You will lead the culture. You will demonstrate resilience, adaptability, and resourcefulness, all while children are watching.

You may even use your business for a greater good. We are corporate partners of National Breast Cancer Australia. It brings me joy to watch a team member, ‘under my wing’, take their opportunity and flourish with a brand-new sense of ’empowerment in life.’

Here’s the thing; Your kids are watching….everything. There will be highs and lows and your kids will watch and learn, by how you deal with these.

You can ‘teach’ or tell, a child many things and they may, or may not become inspired. The real learning will come from how you lead your life. Role modelling.

If you are a small business owner, whether your children become one, or work for wages; your children will be learning some great lessons.

Don’t shelter them from these lessons.

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