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Is Imposter Syndrome costing you business success?

Impostor syndrome is the feeling that you are winging it and affects people at all levels. Counter-intuitively, it is more common, the more successful you become.

Famously, Michelle Obama revealed her impostor insecurities and even Einstein suffered.

Ironically, positive traits, that can make you successful such as hard work can be hijacked by impostor syndrome.

Impostor syndrome can paralyse talented and capable business owners who end up feeling undeserving of a strong and successful business.

Here are 6 key actions to assist with this:

1. Accept that impostor syndrome is a thing that has a real impact on people and businesses. Talk about it openly and encourage others to do so. Laughing at it instantly diminishes its power and reduces it to psychological noise.

2. Permit yourself to not know. A leader’s job isn’t to have all the answers, simply to create the conditions, for passionate or talented people to find them and shine.

3. Ask for help and support. Interestingly, most people love to be asked to help and then feel great that they have.

4. Don’t be negative or overly self critical. Accept your mistakes. You need to take risks in business to succeed. Risks will lead to failure sometimes. Its a cycle . Suck it up.

5. Build inner self confidence by having a vision for yourself and your business and share that with passion and energy. Enthusiasm is catchy.

6. Create a combined learning and coaching culture where learning is seen as a requirement not a luxury and where coaching is made available to all employees.

As COVID-19 drives more stress and remote working, with associated mental health, taking action to escape the cycle of impostor syndrome, is paramount.

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