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Savings Buckets for Newbies.

My Daughter and her partner Josh have recently started working full time, after many years of study. They live on the Gold Coast, after having moved there to obtain entry to their preferred courses.

I met up with them and we inevitably spoke about finances. (I love that stuff)

They wanted to know the best way to save for their first home. It is an interesting time in the property market, as we are seeing a shift from an environment that favours the seller, to the buyer. How big that shift will be, no one knows. ( Even those that predict they know. )

To aggravate matters, migration to the Sunshine State has been unprecedented, in recent times as one of the fall outs of Covid. ( Was the other big thing to come out of Covid Wordle, or was that just me?)

What transpired on this day, was a global discussion around how an investment plan for them should look.

Here is a pictorial of how the investment buckets looked after some playing around on this day. What do you think?

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