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Small Businesses in Victoria Cry Out For Help

It seems as though small business owners have endured so much pain over the past 18 months. Although we are inching ever so slowly towards “freedom” as the vaccination rates climb there are so many small businesses that are clinging on with their fingernails to be out of lockdown and gear up for the Xmas trade.

The government assistance and grants that have been on offer have been warmly welcome but they are no substitute for a thriving economy generating sales, cash flow, employment and business opportunities. It is as if we are spluttering along on one or two cylinders instead of the full 8 cylinders of a well oiled machine.

It will be interesting to see what the government will do to help small businesses get through the next crucial 6 – 8 weeks so that they survive the pandemic and continue to stay in business. We have certainly learnt the art of resilience but it has been at a huge cost. Hopefully we can keep as many small businesses going into the future by pivoting, reviewing operations and being creative. What worked before may not work in the future in our new world.


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