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Bob and David. A true story.

I would like to tell you a story about a client of ours. Lets call him Bob.

We applied for a $20,000 grant recently for Bob’s business . The application was returned pending further action, by the Bob’s accountant. (Bob was not using our accountant )

Bob had 24 hours to action this update or risk losing the grant for $20,000.

Bob reached out to his accounting firm ( a huge Goliath firm in Richmond ) multiple times during the day.

This firm recently sued us. In short, they were jealous that our clients liked us, better than them (childish but true).

Read the blog I wrote about it earlier.

Anyway……The day went on for Bob;

The ( Goliath) accounting firm never replied.

Our client moved across to our in-house Accountant ( a David), with hours to spare and the matter was dealt with immediately.

Not only did Bob’s former accountant never reply, they never even saw the grant opportunity for Bob. But we saw it.

Let me be crystal clear. A big fancy office does not relate to a more informed accountant. That is what they want you to believe, so they can charge you more.

Is your accountant a Goliath or a David?

Are you blindsided by big fancy accounting offices? Do you realize the rent on these offices is being paid for by you?

Does you accountant return your calls ?

Asking for a friend


P.S Our in-house accountant is actually called Darren Trew.

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