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Reading is a great way to expand you financial literacy

Reading is a great way to expand your financial literacy!!

The other great thing about reading, for financial literacy, is that it is relatively accessible, to every budget. Targeted courses are great, but generally provide nothing that cannot be “book learnt”. Saving money on courses in the early days when you are starting out on your financial journey, will give you a much fatter nest egg for investment. It is that simple.

I hate budgets but I love investing. If you cannot be a good budgeter, you had better be a good investor. This is a great read.

This book was suggested to me by my Uber driver on the way to our office at Igniite Business Services. He had no idea what I did for a job. We are passionate about business in our office at Parkdale Victoria, but we love personal financial literacy just as much.

I bought this book within 2 hours. Find us on Facebook and let me know what you think.

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