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Working-from Home. Lets set the record straight. Myth Versus Fact

Myth: If I use the shortcut method, I can claim 80 cents per work hour plus other equipment (that costs $300 or less) to use when working from home.

Fact: Under the shortcut method you can only claim 80 cents per work hour. This method covers all deductible expenses, including office furniture and technology. You can’t claim any other working from home expenses on top.

Myth: I can claim everything I bought to work from home (new laptop, desk, toilet paper, tea or coffee and my kids’ education supplies).

Fact: There are three methods you can use to calculate your working from home expenses. You can choose the method that will give you the best outcome but you must meet the eligibility and record keeping requirements. You cannot claim items such as toilet paper, tea, coffee or your kids’ education costs, these are private expenses.

Myth: I can’t claim my working from home running expenses, even though I share the costs with my housemate because the bills aren’t in my name.

Fact: Under the shortcut method multiple eligible taxpayers working from the same home can each claim 80 cents per work hour, even if the utility bill isn’t in your name.

Find out more about working from home expenses @ ato.gov.au/home

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